Avaya Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement CTI will make economically reasonable efforts to avoid and correct situations where the customer is unable to receive incoming calls via the Ip Office Powered by Avaya Service (the “Service”). This service level agreement (“SLA”) describes the corrective measures available to the customer in the event that the Powered by Avaya IP Office Service (the “telephone service”) application falls within the levels of service provided in this document. Avaya Global Services` end-to-end features can guide you through the process, from thinking about the solution project to the critical phase of deployment and integration, to ongoing after-installation services, to ensure your solution is optimized. Avaya`s portfolio is flexible and allows you to decide where we can complement your internal assets. (iii) “force majeure events”: any event or condition that prevents the ITC, directly or indirectly, from performing services under this directive that is not subject to proper ita control and which would not have been avoided, in whole or in part, by the ITC by the exercise of the duty of care required; and include, subject to the above, any act of God, natural disasters, earthquakes, wars, riots, civil war, blockade, insurgency, cyberattack (computer hacking and DDOS), acts of public enemies, civil unrest or general restraint or arrest of the government and individuals, boycott, strike (including general strike), interruption of services by a telecommunications service provider or delays in connecting with internet service providers outside of CTI control. You are now leaving Avaya support and entering the Avaya learning site. This link allows you to directly access the selected product training page as soon as you provide your avaya Learning registration information. However, you can also access any Avaya learning page by doing: 1. Connect to www.Avaya-Learning.com 2. Select Avaya Learning Navigator 3.

In the Workout List menu, scroll down to the Service Level Monitor and select this option to see all available training courses. www.avaya-learning.com/ 1). Availability of telephone service. The customer recognizes that the Ip Office Powered by Avaya service will require a daily system maintenance time, as defined below. It may sometimes be necessary to interrupt services outside this period, including for the upgrade and maintenance of the telephone service application and data center where the Powered by IP Office is located, in which case CTI endeavours to inform the customer of the expected downtime.