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You are responsible for your host school`s participation in the financial support consortium`s agreement process. Schools are not required to participate in the consortium agreement and some schools refuse to sign consortium agreements. If the host school`s financial assistance office does not sign the agreement, the TU cannot approve financial support for these courses. If you have any questions about the consortium`s financial support process, please contact sarah Selby, TU Financial Advisor, at 410-704-4236 or sgriffith AT_TOWSON. In 2014, the university signed agreements with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory and U.S. Army Command,[64][64] for research in information systems, computing, cybersecurity, networks, sensors, communication, mathematics and statistics, human dimensions, human systems integration, synthetic biology, power, quantum information processing, natural language processing and robotics. [65] A consortium contract is an agreement between two higher education institutions/universities to recognize your registration at any location for financial purposes. In addition, it certifies only one of the two institutions is able to manage Title IV and state financial assistance. Students attending the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) must apply for a consortium agreement because UMUC does not participate in the inter-institutional registration program.

Add any agreement to learn more about the benefits and see the way. Click on the year of catalog you launched at MC. Minimum cumulative GPA required: 2.0 for these agreements, unless otherwise stated. You are not required to apply for a contract form for the financial aid consortium or other financial support adjustments for courses offered under Baltimore`s inter-institutional or student exchange programs. The fees for these courses will be included in your TU bill, and your financial assistance to the TU will be automatically processed on the basis of your regular course and course. You do not need to submit a transfer form to the Registrar. If you receive permission to graduate from Towson University as part of new courses, you tax office can process your financial assistance based on your combined enrolment at Towson University (your home school) and the host school. Federal regulations prohibit students from obtaining financial assistance from two different schools during the same semester, but they allow a school to process your assistance on the basis of your combined enrolment in both schools. If the TU Chancellery approves your application for a course, the TU Financial Assistance Office may use a financial support consortium agreement to process your TU assistance on the basis of your enrolment in both schools. Anderson Minuteman: Mark Leizer 410-590-5555 UMBC scored 4 out of 5 on Campus Pride`s LGBT-friendly campus climate index.

[63] Posters, envelopes, invitations, folders, newsletters, flyers, business cards, applications, postcards and brochures UMBC was originally to be based in Baltimore City.

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