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Il Contributo Export stinks of erogato nella forma di: BBVA, through its Global Trade Finance unit in Milan, has set up a covered purchase credit by SACE for the Brazilian state of Tocantins, under the guarantee of the Brazilian Ministry of Finance. The underlying infrastructure project consists of the construction of 16 bridges and connecting roads of the Italian Rivoli SpA. On 19 November 2012, BBVA SA Milan Branch and Deutsche Bank SpA, together with the Arrangers and Lenders, signed this credit facility to the buyer covered by SACE (i.e. the Italian export credit agency) for a total amount of USD 143,198,163, with a door-to-door tone of 11 years. BBVA SA Milan Branch also acts as an agent. Rivoli SpA is an Italian SME leader in prefabricated systems for the construction of bridges and roads, with a full range of pre-stressed reinforced concrete jets, with a strong presence and balance sheet in Brazil. Over the years, they have designed and built more than 500 bridges in Brazil and 1,000 bridges in Italy and have completed more than 300 km of roads. BBVA SA has been supporting both the Italian supplier Rivoli SpA and the Brazilian state of Tocantins for the past three years in financing this operation. It should be noted that, despite the turbulence in the European markets, lenders have been able to maintain the same financing conditions for the borrower (i.e.

the Brazilian state of Tocantins) thanks to a very favourable approach to the intervention of SIMEST SpA (the Italian intervention body of the CIRR). It should be noted that these two main European financial institutions/lenders (BBVA SA and Deutsche Bank AG) financed this operation using their own resources, without recourse to the public funds available in Italy for the export operations covered by SACE. The strong commitment to Italy lies in the fact that these two European non-Italian financial institutions have entered into a transaction and helped an Italian SME to conclude a major transaction via Brazil; these two institutions, which have an operational presence in the Italian market, have demonstrated their “high European responsibility” by accompanying this Italian market player. In line with the previous aspect, the Lenders also decided to hire the services of a prominent Italian law firm (Studio Legale Chiomenti in Rome). This project also has a significant social impact by improving infrastructure in the state of Tocantins, Brazil. Contact: CIB Communications – Brand Tel. `34 91 374 43 30 For more financial information about BBVA, visit: other BBVA News visit you: Our credit facility allows you to securely finance your clients who have capital and quasi-capital and who buy services from Italy. Messaggio pubblicitario con promozionale purpose. Prodotto erogato da SIMEST.

Each party also undertakes not to act in a manner inconsistent with the provisions of the SACE insurance policy and the interest-making agreement. In the event of a currency change, the parties agree to negotiate in good faith the necessary changes to this agreement, financial documents, the SACE insurance policy and the interest rate make-up agreement, in order to document the change in the currency.

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