What Is A Financial Obligation Agreement

8. Consent to contact for collection purposes. You authorize the university and its staff, representatives, lawyers, sellers and contractors (including collection offices) to contact you via a current or future phone and/or mobile phone numbers and by email in order to collect some of the outstanding financial commitments or obtain general information from the university. They allow the university and its staff to use representatives, representatives, lawyers, vendors and contractors (including collection offices), automated telephones, artificial or pre-recorded voice or text messages, as well as personal calls and emails to contact you. You agree to keep the university informed if your mobile phone number, home number, postal address or email address changes. I recognize that non-participation or non-participation does not absolve me of the financial responsibility of the courses in which I am enrolled. For each study stay that a student enrolls in courses, it is signed electronically (E-Sign). The text of the agreement can be found here. Enrolling for courses creates a financial commitment for which you are responsible.

This responsibility is maintained regardless of your class visit. I take full financial responsibility for each registered course, including those I can add for the duration after this first registration, and I understand that I am personally responsible for the payment of all amounts when I am due, regardless of my eligibility or any other financial assistance. 9. Billing error. You understand that administrative, clerical or billing errors do not absolve you of your financial responsibility to pay the university the correct amount of tuition, fees and other related financial obligations. If I expect financial assistance or a third party to pay all or part of my financial obligations to my institution, I understand that my responsibility is to meet all payment requirements on my student account. I also understand that my financial assistance can be adjusted for eligibility and that it is prepared to reimburse my institution for amounts for which I am not eligible under the grant rules. I understand and agree that if I am younger than the age of the applicable majority, if I sign up for this agreement, that the educational services provided by Kansas State State University are a necessity, and that I am contractually bound by the “doctrine of necessity.” Each semester for which an NDSU student registers for courses that he or she must sign electronically and accept the terms of the North Dakota University (FOA) financial obligation agreement.

You recognize that you understand that the NDSU brings you added value in terms of educational services; That your right to take courses is expressly subject to your consent to payment to the university in accordance with the agreement; and that you have read the university in accordance with the agreement, understood and accepted the payment. The eStudent Financial Obligations and Responsibilities Agreement is an agreement that is submitted to all students when they first participate in MyU, and then every year in March, when they are an active student. In order for the university to be able to provide services electronically, each student must confirm its agreement through this process, which also indicates that the student has financial responsibility to the University of Minnesota. This agreement replaces all prior agreements, representations, negotiations and correspondence between the student and Kansas State University, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties on the issues described above, and must not be altered or influenced by an ongoing procedure or some sort of performance process.