Eaa Aircraft Sales Agreement

– Resignation (stop that told the seller to refund the purchase price and remove the planes) Create a data sheet for your aircraft and scan the two or three best views of your aircraft, preferably a side view, a side view, a panel or cockpit and one in the air. List the specifications and any special things you`ve added. Have a stack of copies printed professionally. Mail your flyer to the local FBO and as many airports as possible. Put them in flight schools and aircraft supply stores. Give it to flying friends. Give it to your flight instructor. Tell them that if the plane is sold as a result of their recommendation, you will give them a Finder fairy. Before you sell, ask the following questions.

Be brutally honest with yourself. If you`re not comfortable answering each of these questions with a “yes,” you might want to keep the plane, give it to a museum that promises not to fly, or disassemble it and sell the components. The buyer of the aircraft must pay either a turnover tax or a usage tax in his country of residence Fly your plane to fly-ins. Sun`n Fun and Oshkosh attract thousands of people with your interests, and there are many people who will see what they want to build or buy next. Keep many flyers available and a great supply of patience. Remember that in the past you asked other people questions and you also talked about flying. If you are financing the purchase of the aircraft, the lender requires that you sign a debt instrument and a guarantee agreement that guarantee the lender a security interest for the aircraft to ensure payment of the loan 2. Maintenance (contact the local mechanic) – Aircraft Inspection Guide If you present your aircraft, you may want the potential buyer to sign a declaration of waiver for the flight in the event of a problem. It`s up to you. It`s just one more insurance.

To create your own form, search online for the “Passenger Waiver”. Process the permission and direct it from your friend, the lawyer. As we will deal with in the section on risk, nothing is firm, but any efforts in good faith can help if there is a problem. Next, go to the second quadrant and write “Keep positive points.” Go through the same sequence you did with the first two. What are the reasons to keep your current aircraft? Finally write “keep negatives” in the fourth quadrant of your page and perform the same process.