How To Draft An Easement Agreement

The overwhelmed owner may not want to have certain vehicles, such as heavy trucks, on their land or may seek restrictions on how the easement can be exercised, for example by prohibiting the passage of construction at night. In the case of a supply easement, the concessionaire may need moving arrangements allowing him to move the pipes or cables to another location, for example if he wishes to develop the country where the pipes are located. The development should consider all possible scenarios. Careful language and thorough wording are important for establishing an easement agreement. Sign the easement in front of a notary and an additional witness if it is a requirement of the state. Submit the deed to your County Archives Office. Litigation arises when the wording of the easement is vague and open to interpretation. Keep the design clear and unambiguous. If you own real estate or plan to own real estate, you might be wondering how the services may affect your property in the future. An easement, also known as a right of navigation, is a right granted to a person (the holder) to use property that does not belong to the owner. However, the holder of an easement does not have the right to own or exclude others from the country. Easement gives a land owner the right to use another person`s property for specific purposes, for example. B to access it, or to park there or for public services.

An easement can be limited in time or can last forever. It usually favors an identified property known as a “dominant” or “favored” country, the disadvantage of another well-known as “serving” or a polluted country. Use their address and legal description. The contaminated property is unlikely to be the full property of the licensor. For example, an easement that allows a distribution company to lay underground pipes or cables only affects land of a specified width and location. Create a map or image of the country of servitude and indicate its dimensions….