Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement Traduction

This IMFPA document is a full commercial obligation of recourse of the 1st party, concluded in English and English law, whose jurisdiction governs the construction, interpretation, execution, validity, applicability, performance and all other matters related to the aforementioned agreement, including the breach of the agreement or infringement. It goes without saying that, for the purposes of this master protection agreement, our bank must be the same bank and that this IMF is an integral part of it. Under no circumstances may the first party withdraw this IMF or otherwise order its paying bank to dishonor a current payment or to require a recipient of funds below once that IMF has been submitted to the paying bank for resolution and compliance.1. Contracting Party and 2. The party confirms that in any event, they will act with the highest standards of ethics and honesty in all their affairs. COMMISSIONS: PAID BY THE SELLER Seller mandate………$0,000 () USD/kilos Buyers Group…………..$0,000 ( ) USD/kilo Please contact IMFPA for bank details PAYMENT TERMS: Payment of the monthly contract quantity is made after the conclusion of delivery within a maximum of 3 days after the final assay report issued by the buyer`s refinery. Non-circumvention/confidentiality agreements ensure that intermediaries are not excluded from the transaction by the buyer and/or seller and/or other intermediaries. Product feed as follows: seller-broker-broker-broker-buyer. Brokers in the middle use NNNs to ensure that they are not bypassed by others in the chain.

also to ensure that information relating to other parts of the chain is not disclosed to third parties. Definition: Issued by the seller after the completion of the preliminary stages of the negotiations, such as for example. B a statement of intent from the buyer and a gentle study of his accounts by the seller. A complete offer of the company is a document describing the conditions of the sale. The price can depend on many things (for example: quantity, shipping time, quality, payment instrument and situation in the world market). When brokers, agents, marketing agents, NCNDA and IMFPA are signed and negotiations are conducted directly with the buyer`s mandate.# The refinery (END SELLER) needs a soft-probe and ICPO authorization that is issued to them directly through OJSC PET TRADING, no later than 7 days from the date of issue; Mandate authorization to begin the transaction on behalf of the final buyer….