Service Level Agreement Schools

We are proud to present our revised Service Level Agreement which offers schools and academies the opportunity to access the full support of our core team and acquire a number of services tailored to your needs. The Diocesan Council of Education (DBE) is currently offering quality school improvements More than 95% of ecclesiastical schools in the diocese are now buying our support and a growing number of other schools are now seeking our services. The support outlined in this Service Agreement is provided by a team of experienced officers, including school counsellors with extensive management experience and OFSTED and SIAMS training. The team also includes specialists in premises, admission and vocations, religious education, governance and administration. We give thanks to God for all that you do and we wish you all the blessing of your work, in order to guarantee the best possible education for all the students and families we serve together in the name of Christ. If you subscribe to our service contract, we can be there for you if you need us Our goal is to offer excellent value for money in a quality setting. The cheapest way to maximize your school`s purchasing power is by purchasing ALS, which offers a wide range of support and allows you to use your credits to respond very effectively to your academic improvement priorities. The cooperation of the schools can be held with their Senior Improvement Adviser (SIA) in order to jointly use their credits for even greater purchasing power. The School Improvement Service is committed to ensuring that support is well adapted to the needs of the schools and that individual interviews with school heads determine the content of the offer. Our service is regularly monitored and evaluated by the results we have obtained and the quality of the evaluations commissioned both internally and externally.

We are committed to working in partnership with schools to support improvements and provide an excellent education for the benefit of all children and youth in Kent. In schools where NMPAT has agreed to set up a direct billing system, there is a financial relationship between NMPAT and parents. Feedback from FDEA data: Please help us inform the FDEA of the overall level of activity in your school. We have one of the most musical counties in the country and we want to shout at it. Meetings take place for 10 weeks per semester with regular representation opportunities. Equipment is provided, although schools can own their own equipment if they wish, NMPAT can help order equipment. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) for schools includes access to an authorization menu, and schools that purchase it will receive a certain number of credits. Schools can use their credits for all courses taught by the improvement school team. If schools do not have credits and sit outside the agreement, they are charged for delegate participation. Here you will find details on professional development, key visiting programs and a wide range of services exchanged. School services can be ordered through an annual service level agreement. We are very pleased to share the offer of school improvement support for all LA Maintained, academies and free schools..

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