West Virginia Collaborative Agreement

APRNs requesting permission to write recipes must also submit cooperation agreements. A contract of practice between a supervising physician and a PA is required. The agreement must be approved by the appropriate approval committee and must include, among other things, oversight mechanisms and parameters within which the PA will operate. W. Va. Code §30-3E-10 CONSIDERING that the doctor and nurse have concluded an agreement on the terms of cooperation, which in this agreement is reduced to the written form. The medical actions delegated by the attending physician are authorized in the contract of practice and are appropriate for the education, training and experience of the MA. Medical laws must comply with West Virginia laws and the rules of the state Medical Board. W. Va. Code §30-3E-12 An APRN will submit a separate request for prescription. There is a $125 fee. The APRN must verify a cooperation agreement.

All prescriptions must be documented in the patient`s file. WELL, THEREFORE, the parties hereby agree to the following: A public health dental hygienist may provide services under the general supervision of a dentist and without prior examination of the patient by a dentist in certain public institutions (for example. B, hospitals, schools, prisons, community clinics, long-term care facilities, group homes, public health facilities and home care facilities). The public health dental hygienist must have 2 years and 3,000 hours of practical experience and submit an annual report to the State Chamber of Dental Examiners with the supervising dentist. A dental hygienist can use fluoride, prepare for oral screening, and provide dental education and nutritional counseling without the supervision of a licensed dentist. .